Our Story

A cartoon character from a kid's book about money.

Yep, that's how WAY OF THE BISON started. I was showing my drawings for the main characters in the children's book I wrote about money. A friend challenged my artistic capabilities to draw a more "stylized" bison. I explored bison and the unicorn explore money book charactersdrawing real bison first so I could determine what had aesthetic value and would translate to a more "stylized" bison. After several attempts, a bison started to emerge. As I was sharing the artwork with friends to get feedback, everyone started asking for things to wear with the bison emblazoned on it since he looked so unique.Way of the Bison first practice image for creating the Bison

Then, remembering a past trip to Yellowstone and further fascinated by a trip to the Dakota's and immersing myself in the history of this legendary beast, observable qualities emerged from Native American lore and behavioral scientists. Qualities the "student of philosophy" in me both embodied, and aspired to be in everyday.

Something larger continued to emerge. As I continued to explore I observed a way of life by those fascinated with bison, qualities they all share. These qualities became the foundational aspects of the WAY OF THE BISON CREDO --- power, intelligence, curiosity. 

Paying it forward is part of how we at WAY OF THE BISON personally view our time on the planet. WAY OF THE BISON is committed to supporting efforts to preserve the herds and habitats for future generations to enjoy. Check back regularly to see who our spotlight organization is and how they are making a difference in helping us fulfill our commitment to this majestic creature.

If you value your existence and aspire to live with significance daily, you may already be living the WAY OF THE BISON credo too. Deploy life enriching tactics from our forthcoming Way of the Bison phone apps and display your credo everyday with our custom gear designed to enhance your image and outfitted for your way of life.

In Gratitude,


Heather Wagenhals

Founder, Way of the Bison

Way of the Bison Credo
Power | Intelligence | Curiosity